5 Reasons Why I Quit My Regular Job to Become a Freelancer

Yes, it’s true. I quit my regular job to become a freelancer.

I know what you’re thinking right now. That I am out of my mind.

Before you throw some shade, hear me out.

The landscape of labor workforce is shifting – in a rapid pace. And technology has played a big role in this paradigm shift.

Cloud computing technology, messaging apps, productivity software, to name a few, are some of the tools available today that made freelancers thriving and booming in this digital age.

What was impossible before has become a reality like collaborating with your peers in real-time who is on the other side of the globe. Now more than ever, exchanging files and documents using Dropbox or Google Drive has become seamless and effortless.

So, why I am saying this?

The conventional 8-to-5 job is becoming obsolete. Furthermore, Forbes calls it as an outdated and ineffective approach to work.

Ready to find out why I quit my regular job to become a freelancer? By all means, please continue reading.

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Why I choose to become a freelancer?

Freelancer: A Definition

A freelancer is a self-employed individual who is not necessarily committed to an employer. As a freelancer, you get to work as an independent contractor and get paid for the jobs or projects you have completed.

Freelancers have the freedom to choose their projects and the companies they want to be associated with. Depending on the arrangement between the freelancer and a client, projects can be project-based or for a long term.

Is there a difference between a freelancer and a independent contractor? For me, there is an emphasis on the word “me” because this is based on my understanding, they are just the same.

They both bid on projects and work on their own pace while ensuring timelines are met. Just because someone is doing a freelance work, it doesn’t mean that they have to be complacent in carrying out their duties and responsibilities.

It’s imperative for freelancers to take care of their clients by submitting high quality work. The world of freelancing is sometimes tough and you have to be outstanding in every endeavour that you partake because there is always another freelancer ready to take your job.

But once you have established your relationship with your clients, projects and assignments will continue to come in and that’s when the fun really starts.

Why I quit my job to become a freelancer?

So you’ve read this far and now you’ll find out why I quit my regular job to become a freelancer.

But before I discuss any further, I just want to clarify that there’s nothing wrong in the corporate world. In fact, I’ve spent almost seven years working in an office setting. All the skills and knowledge that I have right now is attributed to all those years.

And without further ado, here it goes.

REASON #1. The Corporate Ladder

As an employee, it is expected that you do your job according to your job description. If you go above and beyond your responsibilities, you might get rewarded.

Every company is unique. They have their own set of rules and guidelines on how an employee can be promoted.

But sometimes, no matter how you excel on what you do, you never get promoted. There are many factors to be considered like company budget, consistent high performance, and of course corporate politics.

Or maybe it's not the right time, fate maybe?

It happens to the best of us, right?

When you are young, you have this burning passion within you to climb the ladder. But as time goes by, it gradually diminishes. You lose the will and power and just be contended on the sideline.

Being a freelancer somehow eliminates that.

There is no ladder to climb.

It all depend on yourself on how hard are you going to work to achieve your goals.

REASON #2. Work from home

Setting an alarm every night has become a chore.  And most of us, if not all of us, will tap the snooze button for an extra 5 minutes of sleep.

I am fortunate enough not to be working in Metro Manila. The horrendous traffic in the capital city will surely require me to be all set and ready at least two hours before the start of my shift.

But traffic is also starting to build up in some areas of the city where I am in.

As a freelancer or independent contractor, working from home is oftentimes the arrangement.

That means you can work on projects with your pyjamas on. You can work by the beach or anywhere you want. That means minimal traveling or no travelling at all just go to your workplace.

Who would say no to that? Definitely not me.

REASON #3. You Own Your Time

Admit it or not, no one can really say with absolute certainty that they are productive for the whole 8 hours in an office setting.

There are down times or unproductive moments when there's nothing more to do. Or maybe perhaps, your mind and body feel not to perform any work at all.

Sure, you might be swamped with workload but you just don't feel doing anything at all.


You own your time as a freelancer. You are not bound by the strict 8 to 5 schedule. If you feel like working at 2 a.m., you can certainly do so.  If you feel most productive at the wee hours of the night or early morning and as long as you complete the task assigned to you, then so be it.

REASON #4. The opportunity to earn more

Employees are paid based on the agreed compensation package. Yes, there are gradual salary increase but there are factors to be considered before you can actually get it.

Sometimes it all boils down to the company's budget and resources and of course your performance as an employee.

Most of the time, you end up feeling disappointed.

This is perfectly understandable because we work hard so that we can put food on the table, pay for utility bills, and buy things that we want.

As a freelancer, you have the opportunity to earn more.

How is that?

First off, you can negotiate your rate to your employees. More and more companies today are engaging the services of freelancers to do a variety of jobs. If you are good at what you do and you have already carved your niche in the industry, then most probably you'll get a higher rate.

Secondly, you can accept multiple projects at the same time. A bit of a caution though, don't take more than you can chew. Ensure that you alway submit high quality of work all the time.

Or you can always stick to one client especially if you know that the work is for long-term.

The opportunity to earn more as a freelancer takes hard work, dedication, and passion.

REASON #5. The potential to expand to a full business

Freelancing can be the start of something greater and bigger.

A writer can write and sell e-books.

A freelance photographer can sell photos online to istockphotos and other photo repository websites.

A web developer can create templates for WordPress and other platforms.

The list goes on.

This is where freelancing will have a potential to expand to a full business. And with all the new connections that you have and constant flow of projects, you may need to hire additional staff to fulfil the requirements of your clients.

Conclusion About My Move to Become a Freelancer

To be honest, I thought long and hard before making the jump to become a freelancer or an independent contractor. As a full-time employee for almost 8 years, there are too many questions running in my head and too many what-ifs.

What if I fail? What will I do if I don't get projects? Will my income be enough? Will I be able to build relationship with my clients? Is this going to be for a long term?

Every endeavour that we partake comes with a risk. And every decision that we need to make always comes with pros and cons. As we go along the way of our professional career, only then we would realize if we've made the right decision.

It's been 8 months since I resigned as a full time employee and my move to become an independent contractor is fruitful thus far.

Does it mean to say that I am leaving the corporate world for good?

For now yes but I am not closing my door. I may or may not give the 8-to-5 job another try.

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