First Teppanyaki Restaurant in Subic Bay

We just welcomed 2016 and the first post you see on my blog is all about food. Now you know why I’m getting bigger these days! I should be writing more about resolutions and all the things I want to improve about myself. But who would pass a great time with friends plus a sumptuous dinner on the side? Definitely not me!

It’s no secret that I love Japanese food. A friend of mine introduced the Japanese cuisine to me years ago and it has become my all-time favorite food. I could eat sushi, maki, and tempura all year long but I know that’s impossible! It’s too pricey! I sometimes think that I was a Japanese in my previous life because of my obsession with their food.
Back then, there are only a handful of Japanese restaurants in the city. But gone are the days when Subic Bay was just all about duty free shops because it has now become a top tourist destination for crystal clear beaches, eco-tourism theme parks, and a wide-array of restaurant selections.

Teppan 101 is a newly-opened Teppanyaki restaurant situated near the Royal Duty Free Shop, the first of its kind in Subic Bay. Teppanyaki means food are cooked using an iron griddle in front of the guests.

Teppan 101 in Subic Bay

Prior to cooking the food, the chef will entertain the guests by throwing kitchen utensils mid-air and catching it. I must say that the trick was not perfect at all but the chef was too adorable and he had this infectious smile glued to his face all throughout.


The facade of Teppan 101 seemed intimidating at first. With its modern style architecture and its ambiance, you would probably think that the menu comes with a hefty price tag. But don’t let your eyes fool you, the price for the food is actually economical and it won’t hurt your pocket. Depending on your appetite, you can choose from a three-course meal at P399, five-course meal at P699 and a six-course meal at P1,299. We’re feeling a bit famish at that time but mindful of our “sexy” figure, so we opted for the five-course meal.


Our appetizer was comprised of bread and egg and the kani tempura (I forgot to take a snap of the tempura!)



This kyuri salad was so gooood! It’s made of cucumber and wakame. I even asked my friend if I can have her share and luckily she said yes!

For the main course, you can choose from chicken, salmon, pork steak, or a beef slice. It’s served with mixed vegetables, mix seafood, and a choice of steamed rice or Japanese fried rice.


As for the dessert, I chose blueberry pana cotta 🙂


I had sushi in mind when we entered Teppan 101 but unfortunately it wasn’t available. It’s their soft opening and they are still setting up the place. One thing commendable about this place is its people, they are so friendly and attentive. We had a great time especially with the chef who was assigned to our table. I will definitely come back and hopefully, they already have sushi on their menu.

If you’re searching for new place to dine, give Teppan 101 a try!

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