Café in Holic

There is something about caffeine that makes people addicted to it.  The aroma of a brewing coffee is inviting to the olfactory sense.  The kind of smell that will make you jump out of your bed and immediately start your day.  It’s a booster to get you further throughout the day.  Coffee is a nice companion when you want an alone time for yourself or a simple get together would not be complete without the coffee.  No wonder, coffee shops nowadays are booming and thriving.


Ideally, Starbucks and Coffee Bean are the top choices as the go-to place for that caffeine fix.  However, because these shops are usually jam-packed especially after office-hours, it’s nice to know that there are nice and suitable alternatives.

Luckily, we discovered Café in Holic while roaming around Subic Bay.  They have their own version of frappes, lattes, smoothies and shakes.  You can also order fresh healthy green salads, pasta and steak.  Here’s the snapshot of their menu.Menu

What sets Café in Holic apart from the other coffee shops is its ambiance.  It’s serene and not overly crowded.  You can fully concentrate on what you’re doing because there are no noisy distractions.  This is highly recommended to people who love doing their stuff in a coffee shop.

The cozy interior of Cafe-in-Holic.  I love the combination of colors here, orange, black and white.  It looks fun and inviting.  Definitely not boring.

Here’s my instant favorite, the kiwi smoothie.  A refreshing break from the usual fruit smoothies like mango and banana.  They blended it perfectly because it’s not too sweet nor bland.Shake

Greens are also in abundance here at Cafe in Holic.  Take for instance this Chicken Finger Salad which is good for three persons.  A perfect choice for those who want to eat healthy food.Food

Mozzarella stick.  It’s crispy outside but once you bite it, you’ll instantly taste the oozing mozzarella.Stick

So if you happen to be in Subic Bay give Café in Holic a try.  The shop is located inside the Inter Park Hotel, Bldg. 663 Dewey Avenue corner Sta. Rita Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

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