Curious who unfriended you on Facebook?  Now it’s easy using a browser extension called “Unfriend Notify for Facebook“. Google Chrome works perfectly with this browser extension and highly recommended to use.  To give you an idea, this browser extension gives you a list of friends who unfriended you and the people you deleted in the past. Furthermore, it  sends a notification every time someone unfriends you on Facebook.

Ready to find out how this browser extension works? Follow below step-by-step guide.

Add “Unfriend Notify” in Google Chrome

Go to Google Chrome Web Store and search for “Unfriend Notify for Facebook.”  From the search result, click + ADD TO CHROME beside “Unfriend Notify for Facebook.”

Google Chrome Store

A pop-up window will appear explaining all the information which the browser extension can access.  If you agree, click “Add Extension”.

Browser extension pop-up

The “Unfriend Notify for Facebook” browser extension is downloaded  and then added to Google Chrome.


Once finished, check the icon in the top right corner of Google Chrome to confirm if the browser extension has been added.  To continue, click the browser extension icon.


Login to your Facebook account to see friends who unfriended you.  You can see from the screenshot below that none of my friends have unfriended me.


Other Browser Extensions to know Who Unfriended You on Facebook

Aside from “Unfriend Notify for Facebook”, you can also use other browser extensions to know who among your friends unfriended you.  To name a few, there’s “Who Dumped Me?” and “Facebook Unfriend Finder”.  If you know other browser extensions with the same function, feel free to put them in the comment sections below.

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