The title of this blog post seems contradicting and a lot of people might ask if it’s really possible to spend less money when shopping?  The answer is a resounding YES because I am not referring to the conventional shopping which requires you to go to a physical store but rather shopping in the comforts of your own home – ONLINE SHOPPING.

There are many reasons to do online shopping and in the process, you’ll spend less.

1.  You’ll get better prices. Because online shops doesn’t need too much manpower, overhead cost is lesser thus price is also lower.  And more often than not they always have promos, rebates and discount coupons.  So take advantage of these things.

2. The convenience. Going to the malls these days also equate to immersing yourself to traffic.  Online shopping eliminates all the stress of travelling and gives you the power to shop in the four corners of your house.  In the process, you’ll save money because there’s no fare or gas needed.

3. Wide selection. I know the feeling of checking every store, comparing prices and deciding which is the better deal.  It’s exhausting!  With online shopping, you can just type the product that you want and make comparisons instantly.

4.  No additional expenses. Because of online shopping, there’s no need to eat in a fancy restaurant or in a fast food.  You’ll save a ton of money eating at home.

5. Secret purchases. Privacy is very important and sometimes we want to shop for that sexy lingerie but we do not want the embarrassment that there are people looking at you while checking the items.  Well, online shopping also means discreet shopping.

Most Filipinos are still hesitant to do online shopping because we are used to seeing the product first before buying it.  Luckily there are trusted online shops like Lazada where you can shop for quality products and items.  Here are some of the great deals from Lazada this long weekend, up to 70% off!

Lazada also gives you the power to choose  on how to pay for the items you have ordered.  If you don’t have a CREDIT CARD, you can always choose CASH ON DELIVERY as the payment method.

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