The road towards financial freedom is long and winding. It is a process which entails great deal of patience and dedication.

I should know because I’ve been there. And to be honest I am still learning each day.

Everyday there’s a new challenge to face and obstacles to hurdle.

Now that 2015 is upon us, this is the right time to have goals when it comes to your finances.  Admit it or not, it is not easy to save money especially when there are temptations around.  I am talking about mall sale, new gadgets, shoes, etc., believe me the list is endless. So how to save money?

The ‘52-Week Money Challenge’ is very popular when it comes to saving money.  Let say for the first week you decide to save P50, then next week you have to save  P100.  Then for the third week you have to triple the amount you originally started off making it P150, so and and so forth.

Let’s tweak that a little bit and instead of saving money each week, let’s save money every payday which is more aligned with the Filipino working class.

Take a look at these templates for saving money:

Increment of P100 per payday you’ll have P30,000 at the end of 2015

 How to Save Money

Increment of P200 per payday you’ll have P60,000 at the end of 2015

How to Save Money

Increment of P300 per payday you’ll have P90,000 at the end of 2015.

How to Save Money

Choose the template that best suits you but one thing is for sure, you’ll have an extra money at the end of 2015.  So folks, are you ready to take the challenge?

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